This Jewelry Almost self illuminates

I actually told my girlfriend since her Spring hadn’t sprung on the floor yet…at least she could celebrate Spring via her earrings!It was a great present and made extremely nicely.The ONLY problem I saw was that they should have been sent by the in the same box, but with a WHITE background, so you could see the flowers.On a black background…they don’t really pop! FYI…Very fairly though!

The strand is well come up with and very elegant. Even the clasp includes a hint of Victorian elegance to it.They came in a nice box, so the presentation is fantastic as well as having a accepted spot to keep them clean and preserved.I have a sense we’ll be securing to them for a long period!

The pearls themselves were very attractive.I could see where some social people would have an issue with the clasp, however, when We offered to have the clasp redone my mom said that her clasp was fine and did not want to buy replaced as she could take it off and on easily.I would recommend this vendor to anyone as this experience has been as great one particular.

The other post was indeed tucked within the pouch – not in a plastic bag deeply.Interesting presentation.I put them in an earring box of the pouch/box they came in instead. Back to the nice part – my daughter wears them a lot more often than she will her .5 ct gemstone posts because they are larger and she receives compliments when she wears them always.

This ring is adjustable fully, making it extremely easy for me to take on and off and wear on any finger.The opal color is bright and radiant and the gold is of good quality as I have been wearing it for several times and my finger has not turned green in the slightest.This ring is an awesome addition to any outfit.Additionally it is dainty and will be worn on the same finger with another ring as well.Their products are created well extremely, which product is zero exception to that.

Just what I was looking for.Sparkly, big but not gaudy (I got the two 2 cttw), and won’t bother my sensitive skin.Nothing at all about these screams fake, they appear quite classy, but I wouldn’t want them any larger.We saw one review where the post was attached to the edge of the earring back again, and not the middle, causing them to hang down oddly.Mine where attached in the centre, looks great.

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