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The two smallest handles are actually nice for grabbing quickly, the shoulder strap handles are perfect and fit great on the average shoulder, the longer crossbody strap is the best, when I’m walking to work and carrying like 4 bags with me I could just throw this one crossbody and it frees my hands to transport other things.I got the grey color and it is loved by me, very neutral, casual however, not too casual…I still use it for function and I function in a specialist office.

I was surprised to find that my iPhone 7+ with a thin wallet case ties in the side slot pocket. The flap does not latch but my telephone is easy to get at and fits just right so it neglects to fall out. The 3 front zip pockets are small enough to match chapstick or medication etc. The inside is roomy, is divided into 2 zipper compartments.

I did observe that one side of the pocket is deeper than the other which is a small bothersome at times (mostly when you’re just throwing things in there) but that being said it exceeded my objectives and the teal color fits the picture perfectly. I have not really been kind to the bag the past four months. It has been tossed, tugged, overstuffed, and stepped on and nothing at all provides ripped, torn, or otherwise fallen apart.

The handbag may be the perfect size for me personally. Not too little or big. The natural leather is comfortable and soft to transport. I lowered the hands straps and it is long enough to to move under your arm easily. The four pockets make it easy for keys, telephone, and notes. The zipper is definitely a little hard to close since it is about two inches inside the natural leather. The purse is usually prettier without a big zipper showing on the top.

I’m a large girl and crossbody bags aren’t always a good friend, but this handbag has so much give it’s crazy. Funny enough it has so very much space inside to hold all my junk that may either be a +/- for me cuz I bring my entire life in my bag like most ladies. The experience of the materials for not being true leather is great, the colour is beautiful and I am and genuinely happy with my purchase thoroughly.

Lastly, the material which I mentioned earlier, feels fantastic and sound. I love the softness without the weakness that fabric looks to end up being as I am just a little brutal on my hand bags. Over all, I think that this was well worthy of the money I payed for it and I would recommend this poor a million times over.

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