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The watch is indeed light-weight you barely know it’s on.The face is a little bigger than weekday I’m used to, however, not so big it looks gaudy.The back light is so bright I don’t want my cheater glasses to see the time.Discovered this watch on a different site for $49.99, thought I’d check amazon to compare and I’m glad I did so!You won’t be sorry with this purchase, I know I’m not.

Only necessary features.No 5 zillion time fishing and zones predictions.I bought the watch to show military time for work and for an electronic stop watch that I could see while running high intensity intervals.I take advantage of this on duty as a uniformed security guard.It is nice because it works as is and intended durable, but if it should are actually broken or damaged when at the job, it really is under $10 to displace and readily available.Great item.

Stylish design with the internal workings of a classic ironman or casio digital watch – beeps and all.The traditional mode, set, and light buttons are all unmarked, which makes the inaugural set-up annoying — but you overcome that quickly slightly.To address the poor evaluations about low light display: I in fact prefer it.Because you can only really browse the time if you are searching at the facial skin from a 45-90 angle, it offers the impression of a tinted ‘security screen’ on a computer monitor.

The only problem that I discover is that when looked at from an angle the view reports the time as 88:88.Common amongst these kinds of watches is usually my understanding.It’s OK I can move my wrist a little and see what time it is.It is extremely large so might not be the best option for someone little or with small limbs.We am quite standard in size and height(a guy) and it works and looks simply fine on me.

It really is light, durable, clear and functional. It is used by me to time runs, and it is ideal for that.I like the feature that the existing time is displayed beneath the elapsed time in stopwatch mode.Some more expensive Casio models lack this.The lower score is entirely because of Casio’s typical tiny-format, thick manual, with a few pages each of several languages within the same materials in dense, miniscule type.Casio should find a better way to provide instructions to a worldwide market.November 13 update 13.

The stopwatch feature was my primary selling point.I work 30 second high intensity interval sprints and it had been difficult to view the small screen on my much bigger G Shock watch.The night time illumination seems adequate.Time will show on camping trips when it’s pitch black within the tent when I need to know how much more time I can sleep.

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