Excellent Jewellery for an excellent price

I’ve only had it s few days thus it’s hard to state how well it holds up but it appears like really good quality and sturdy enough.The necklace I’ve had for quite awhile and it’s organized beautifully therefore i expect the ring would be the same.Love this brand; very cute, affordable and good quality.

Gorgeous necklace and it comes with two different length chains.One chain is quite long and the other chain is shorter.I favor the shorter chain.The actual necklace is prettier in true to life.The amethysts stones have a good energy/vibrations.I love this is of the tree of life/ tree of understanding.The amethysts helps with the 3rd eye chakra.The necklace is manufactured with copper which means you are given because of it that old searching steampunk look.I would recommend to anyone who loves stones, necklaces, steampunk/old looking items, and trees.

While these were described as orange and they look orange, the set I got is yellow, but that’s okay, b/c I needed a pair of yellow earrings anyway and had abadndoned finding a beautiful pair of yellow earrings.These are it!They are gorgeous and go beautifully with my yellow outfits.

This is the third group of pearls we have ordered, plus they are presented beautifully within a good satin lined case that are then positioned in an appropriate box for present wrapping or a straightforward ribbon.We are always happy with the quality, size, and color of these beautiful pearls that they will enjoy for many many years.

The only thing I wish was that it was able to get wet when washing my hands, because sometimes I forget to eliminate it while i’m washing my hands.so far it hasn’t switched green (but i’ve only gotten it wet maybe twice) but besides that i really like it soo very much its an ideal size, not too big, not too little, and i’ve gotten therefore many compliments onto it already.

Breastfeeding has made me personally obsessed with trees of life and when I saw this necklace, I had to have it just!It’s a whole lot bigger than I expected it to be (I thought it was a little smaller when compared to a quarter) and I really like it!It’s thus beautifully made and We couldn’t be happier with my buy!The little present bag it came in is really soft and it makes me feel just like my beautiful necklace is safe and protected in it.

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