Easy Tips to Protect Your Austin Home against Burglary

Burglars, apart from taking your valuable belongings, also take away your sense of security. After an experience of burglary, one feels unsecured in their home with a fear of such experience occurring again. You can take some quick and easy measures to protect yourself from such a mishap from occurring. Let’s have a look at some of them.

Secure Your Front Door

Most of the intruders, as per the experts, use the front door to break in your home. Hence, it is important to upgrade the security of your home by securing the front door. Get the double key deadbolts installed in the front door of your Austin home to make it difficult for the burglars to break in.

Take Care of Your Outdoors

Make sure you are not giving any place for the burglar to hide in your outdoors. Regularly prune the bushes or any trees in your lawn. Furthermore, keep the lawn properly lighted so that any person trying to intrude in your home could be easily visible and you could call for help immediately.

Don’t Advertise Your Holiday Plans

It is understandable that you like to flaunt your holiday ideas and announce them on your social media accounts. However, say goodbye to this practice for good for the protection and security of your home. It is more like an open invitation to the burglars to break in your Austin home; since they know that you are out of place and there is no one to intrude in their process.

Use of Security Cameras

It is important to use security cameras for the protection of your home against burglary but it is even more important to make those cameras visible. It will lessen the risk of burglary since the burglars will be aware of the installation of security camera and there will be enhanced chances of them being caught and jailed.

Patio Doors

Most of the people neglect the security of patio doors thinking that burglars will not use them as they will make a loud noise if broken. However, the burglars are equipped with certain techniques and ideas to slide the patio door and break in your home. Hence, it is important to make your patio doors secure by installing handles on their track that will prevent them from being slide opened by burglars.

Lock Your Doors & Windows

It is the most common and basic learning of protecting your home against burglars yet the most neglected one. Many times, we forgot to lock our doors and/or windows before sleeping or heading out. The burglars won’t tell you before coming; hence, it is important to double check the locks of all the doors and locks before you go out to avoid landing the risk of burglary.

Hire a Garage Door Repair Company To Inspect Your Garage Door

One of the weakest links in any Austin home is the garage door. Many garage  doors either do not securely close or they can be easily pried open with simple tools. About 14% of all burglaries are entered by accessing the garage door on the front of the home. To insure that your garage door is fully secure it is advised to hire a garage door repair service to inspect your homes garage door.

To sum it up, the useful tips mentioned above are surely going to enhance the security of your Austin home. Some of these may require extra investment and effort on your part but the sense of security you will get from them will definitely be worth the amount and the effort.

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