Comfertable Shawl definitely worth a try now

It’s an extremely pretty shawl.It’s a shawl,NOT a blanket,which is what I needed.The first one I purchased was 55 x 52 and didn’t really bypass me,as it was more square than rectangular.This is 79 x 23.The material is very soft and it keeps me warm in the Northeast winter.I’m happy I purchased it and may buy more in different colors/patterns.

It’s hard to see the details in the picture of the black scarf but it includes a beautiful twist knit fine detail to it.I cannot stand itchy knitted material specifically scarfs.With this scarf I don’t have to get worried about that! It is extremely soft,durable material and warm.i came across myself loving it thus much that I took it from the box I immediately started wearing it.I’ve received several compliments from multiple people asking where I acquired my scarf from.I definitely recommend this product for anyone searching for a fashionable yet soft and warm knitted scarf.

I won’t need it very much until next wintertime! It’s thick,cozy and super warm. It does fit pretty around the neck snug, a ring than a droop when doubled over rather. I may order some in other colors right just since the price is so good now.The khaki is a little darker than it looks in the picture,more of an ecru than ivory but appears great.Nice product.

Purchased for myself – a early Christmas present! It’s very nice top quality material.I’ll clarify that it is very much a genuine orange.As pictured I wasn’t sure if it had been orange (while described) or more of a coral and since I was fine with either I ordered it.It’s soft and warm and not in all itchy! Would def.recommend.

Some items in your closet just exist beyond developments and fashion picks for the times of year.This is a really beautiful print scarf in a pleasant fabric that I intend to wear in numerous ways.It can be a lovely drape with the perennial LBD…One which adds an attractive delicate dose of color to brighten that person.It can also be tied in the neck for an elaborate and full neck scarf seeing that a compliment to a blouse.

We’ve had unusually the sunshine which means this beautiful scarf hasn’t acquired a an outing…until now.I did try it on an know that it is both beautiful and warm.Looking forwards to bundling up in this beauty when I go out shopping this weekend.

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