Blue Add-ons for Business Casual

The strand is well put together and very elegant. The clasp has a hint of Victorian elegance to it even.They came in a good box, so the presentation is fantastic as well as having a accepted spot to keep them clean and preserved.I have a sense we’ll be holding on to them for a long time!

It is almost ideal.My just complaint is that it is stiff and does not open or circulation so easily, but that’s not a problem and does not detract from the wonder of the bracelet.I love that it has many charms, that the birthstone is an excellent radiant color, and that it’s an adjustable bangle.

It’s been 3.5 hours and my ears haven’t had a reaction which is crazy if you ask me because any other earring I’ve tried my life possess affected my ears in 5 minutes!The burning starts and than my ears begin to get sore.I am amazed that I am in a position to wear these and for this very long without any of these symptoms I usually get from wearing earrings.And for $8.00 that’s such a good deal!I am deeply in love with these plus they don’t look inexpensive either!

It is made by the extender easy to layer with other pieces, and the crystal drop on the extender chain gives it a nice finish.The stones themselves are gorgeous – lots of color and sparkle.I was concerned it could lay weird with the big square stones, but it sets extremely nicely and isn’t cumbersome at all.

The one drawback that I’ve found is that the backs that are given are difficult to get on and off.They require slightly more effort when compared to a normal couple of earrings.You can simply apply a bit more pressure when grasping the post and back.This will allow you to take away the earring without issues.This is a simple fix by placing different backs on them if this problem is a selling point.These earrings are composed of a superior quality imitation stones.The clarity and color compare well with diamonds extremely. You will be surprised that it is hard to show the difference.

I’ll say that though it says 1 ct size these are not 1 ct a bit.I have a (nearly) 1 ct size gemstone ring and this is smaller.My guess would be that the 1 ct size is .50 ct an earring.Which I feel may be the perfect size.Others have said that the 2 2 ct size is too big and simply by looking in the photos I would have to agree.Obtain these earrings they are so pretty and so cheap you will not believe how good they look!

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Great Jewelry that I have bought for my partner

So beautiful and unique.I think that they are forget-me-nots that have a special meaning to your family.Gift for my girl for a particular ocassion and they are loved by her.Silver marked with silver stamp, plants are in a acrylic type materials which makes them lightweight.

This bracelet is exquisite! The way it sparkles in light is certainly mesmerizing, and the cube designs seem to enhance the stunning refractions.I’m completely satisfied with this purchase, and recommend this seller highly. I will certainly again buy from them…A simple necklace and pair of earrings that complement the bracelet would be ideal.However, they have many other dazzling parts from which to choose.

In the photographs, they appeared a lot more bright periwinkle blue.What I received was similar in form and size, but the shades weren’t as bright and a bit more grey.We considered sending them back again.I’m glad I didn’t, my partner absolutely loves them.She commented this morning that they go very well with most of her work clothes (business casual, blues, greys, blacks).We was also a little worried about the size of the earrings seeing that she mostly wears smaller non-dangly studs.

They sparkle just as much as my genuine diamond studs, in low light even, and are an ideal size to be believable.And in daylight…WOW!They come to life absolutely!The packaging is quite nice, too; they can be found in a sturdy black box, and so are offered in a black velvet display.It’s ideal for gift-giving; all you need to do is certainly wrap them.For $10, you will not find a better deal on all of Amazon, or else for me anywhere!I have a sense these earrings won’t spend much time in my jewelry box, because they are an ideal size for everyday wear.

I literally cannot believe something so wonderful could come at such a humble cost and be shipped to my door in two in such elegant product packaging.The picture shall by no means do this piece justice.You have to experience this bracelet first hand to fall in love.Also, added bonus, the clasp is generous and adjustable extremely.

Now I must figure out what to get her for her birthday when it comes around in once again 🙂 Her daughter told me on the subject of the Alex and Ani jewelry and said they both loved it.She has several of the bangles and that gave me the basic idea to get one for her mom, my friend.She liked it.It promptly was shipped/arrived, as described and incredibly well packaged.Overall happy with the purchase.

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Adjustable band of the Jewellery is great

This pair of earrings make a perfect gift for a loved one.They can be found in a fancy 3 piece jewelry box.The box in a box adds an component of surprise and anticipation.Perfect for anybody who doesn’t like wrapping presents but wants to provide a gift to someone special.With the reduced cost of these earrings, it generally does not have to cost an arm and a leg for you to have a nice little bit of jewelry.

They are slightly bigger than 5mms. I’d say 5 probably.5 – 6mm in size.For me, it’s the perfect size to wear.The earrings are shipped in an overpack black box.Inside a standard flip case.This is good if you need to send a gift really. The CZ stones have fire and radiance with exceptional sparkle.You could confuse these as a gemstone.The platinum plated securely mounts on the stone stem.

The main one drawback that I have found is that the backs that are given are difficult to get on and off.They require slightly more effort when compared to a normal pair of earrings.You can certainly apply a little more pressure when grasping the post and back.This will enable you to take away the earring without issues.This is an easy fix by placing different backs on them if this problem is a selling point.These earrings are composed of a high quality imitation stones.The clarity and color compare well with diamonds extremely. You’ll be surprised that it’s hard to tell the difference.

The first time I wore these earrings, I was asked if indeed they were real diamonds.Anticipate that you’ll receive compliments even though wearing these earrings.They are so versatile.These earrings are ideal to dress up a more casual outfit or be paired with other accessories for a evening on the town.It’s your decision!For somebody who wears a lot of silver colored accessories, these earrings merge very well and complete the whole ensemble.

This item came in the mail quickly, and was securely packaged.Upon opening the black pouch, within which it had been contained, I noticed it was included with a longer bonus chain, to my shock.(see picture) I appreciate they have lobster claw clasps, plus they seem durable and appropriate for the pendant.I’ve yet to wear this item, therefore i can’t attest to its toughness or if you will see any skin response but I’m at first impressed by its unique appeal.The merchandise picture doesn’t really show it, but the tree comprises two-different colored wires, which lends a pleasant affect.

We wasn’t sure about these earrings when I first got them because they are clear.It’s so different.However, I must say i enjoy wearing these and get lots of compliments. They are longer than I usually wear for work however they are light and comfortable. They have a silver advantage that shows when I move my head brightly. Every right period I put them on someone compliments me.

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The Jewelry is a easy (and economical) present shopping for your lady or girlfriend

I was concerned initially about ordering jewelry off of the internet. Especially something like pearls, where there is a lot of wiggle area for what is regarded a ’round’ pearl.The Pearl Source did not disappoint.These pearls are properly round, large and beautiful!I bought these for my girlfriend and I actually am bound to recommend that other folks utilize the Pearl Source in the future!

I also compared them to the others of my various other Alex and Ani Bracelets and the product quality is exactly the same!I up think the combine, is people aren’t purchasing from the proper seller- thus, false braceletes:( I ordered both bracelets directly through Amazon Just.That way I knew I possibly could return if it wasn’t genuine or real.Shipping was through amazon prime and came in 2 days! These bracelets are loved by me!Take a prospect and save some money!Order through Amazon vendor only!

The silver is shiny and bright, and the blue of the aquamarine birthstone is a deeper, richer shade when compared to a complete lot of aquamarines.I usually can’t stand my birthstone since it looks beaten up, but that one is an exception.Alex and Ani bangle bar bracelets certainly are a great fit given that they expand generously to slide over your hand and then go back to the original size once you have then around your wrist.

Better looking than I expected for the price.The large stones are lavender and it fastens more easily than another bypass bracelet bought elsewhere.Plenty of bling!Another buyer complains of sizing concern, but with my size 6.5 or 7 wrist it really is fine, and will even be pushed up on the arm about 4 in . beyond the wrist bones.

The pendant itself is very beautiful, and the chain is a great length so that it sits just as she likes it.I definitely see us adding more necklaces with brand-new initials as time goes by.I am a working mother and We am unable to be aware of her during the day, which necklace is a reminder that she actually is generally there and that she truly is 1 in a million. Thanks for making a quality product that I am proud to wear during the full day.

I ordered the blue-flower earrings as something special.They look very nice, and they are very original.While the blue is not quite as bright since it appears in the listing’s photo, it’s still very nice looking in person, and I would suggest buying it.I have uploaded a picture of what We received so you can see for yourself.

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