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Love this hat! I’ve a bigger sized head relatively. The standard running caps match a bit snug. Being used to wearing baseball caps my entire life, a normal working cap feels and looks funny. This hat gets the depth to cover the top and the materials to wick the sweat and maintain you cool.I shed my last hat in a move. I am re-purchasing the same hat.

These Adidas is adored by me hats! They are soft, they can fit well plus they look awesome extremely! I can use these out, to the gym, playing wheever or sports. Very flexible. They don’t get dirty easy, they dried out off very quick and perform much better than just about any various other hat I’ve used. And I have a larger mind but these hats suit perfect. This was my second nonetheless it will not be my last.

My husband has bought on of the 2 yrs In a row. He absolutely loves it. The first one we bought, started to turn a different color after wearing each day for a year. But that’s to be likely! It organized well and didn’t fall apart, with washing at least once a month even. He stated it’s a comfortable match, and doesn’t take lengthy to break in. Plus, it generally does not look cheaply made. It’s a fine searching hat! I’m sure i am buying another once again in a year .

I’ve purchased 9 or 10 of the hats. Happy that they recently can be found in more colors. My 1st 3 lasted more than half a year maybe, but I was putting them in the washing machine to completely clean them (and surroundings dry). The fake velcro doesn’t endure the test of the washer for reasons uknown. My last nevertheless many hats I’ve hand washed every use and they’re holding up fine up to now. Perfect fit for my noggin

This hat is actually great. I have it in the rust color and was delighted that it is in fact a soft orangy rust. I’m impressed by the quality of this hat, the adjustable part in back has a well made type of clasp and the material is not flimsy. The hat firs quite nicely, while I’m a small female I would say I have a somewhat proportionally big head. The hat fits totally comfortably and does not rub in any weird places like the ears.

This hat is fantastic. The adjustment strap isn’t velcro, which is great, and the adjustment strap tucks neatly into a slot on the hat to avoid going out and flapping in the wind.The adjustment strap is very long, allowing for individuals with big heads or big hair to wear the hat comfortably. The bill is longer than various other hats I’ve had, providing more protection from sunlight.

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Great fit, washable,variable hat

This hat is too large for me way, but this was expected because I’ve a little head. Tightening the strap made the circumference fit, but then there is a bump in the back and it still comes completely down outrageous of my ears. In case you have a smaller than average head this most likely isn’t the hat for you. However, it is good quality and the maroon color matched the image. It shipped promptly and fit my sister, with some adjustment, who offers a large head.

3 hats are pretty much the same, though they have different tags actually.. Deal Share, E-Flag, Newhattan and Made in China lol. Just the White China hat back buckle is just a little different. The other 3 have a oval bronze strap tuck where the china tag hat doesn’t..Find pics. Also 2 (Deal Stock and Newhatten) possess imprints on the variable hinge where the other 2 are simple.. Besides these small difference, the hats are the same..See photos and judge…

Purchase 4 hats for my girlfriend as she has long hair and needed some with an starting in the trunk. She loves them! They are like her other hat she’s and wanted different colors just. I purchase White, Pink, Dark, and Light Gray. Every one of them through Deal Stock, though one hat says NYfashion101, Inc. on my order for some good reason.

Love it. Think it��s great. great price and make me appear good. I’ve like 4 and any of them is usually like this one. This one cost me $5 and look better on me than my various other hats, event that the others are a lot more expensive. This one is comfortable. Now i use it everywhere. It was bought by me for halloween but i end up using it everyday. Feels good and look good.

This hat was bought by me to perform in. It doesn’t breath as well as I would like, but I think that will be true for any hat that basically blocks the sun. Other than that, it’s ideal. It is very comfy — the band isn’t as rigid as some hats. The sweatband is made of some microfiber like material and it certainly wicks the sweat well and remains comfortable while doing it.

Got this hat for band. I really like it because it adjusts so well, the fabric is more comfortable than my other hats, the price is fantastic, and it blocks out sunlight really well. The expenses looks funny if you’re just looking at the hat, but believe me, it looks properly fine when you’re wearing it.

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Durable,attractive hat

I wanted a hat for working and working outdoors. My requirements for the hat include the need to keep carefully the sun from my head and out of my eye, stay on my mind while I move about, and keep carefully the sweat out of my eyes. I chosen the oyster color, which is the lightest color, so that the hat will not become too popular in sunlight. The hat is 100% cotton, except the buckle, eyelets, and tags, and washes right in the laundry with my other dirty clothes.

This hat fit perfectly. It didn’t appear large or little for my mind and the flexible strap made it easy to fit my mind. Typically, most hats I come across tend to have dents and all on leading surface area of the hat (typically where you’d visit a hat logo), but it wasn’t a problem with this hat therefore I’m happy about this. Not only that however the materials and stitching is good, so I’m uncertain as to why many people have complained about this in the reviews. General, I really like the hat so very much that I got to buy another black one for my cousin and made a decision to purchase a different color as well! I’ll post an upgrade with pictures if I have the time.

This cap is excellent. The blue camo color is just a little bit subdued – flawlessly broken-in looking, without looking worn out or distressed. The fit is good, and I feel comfortable wearing it. EASILY could think of grounds I required another cap, I would absolutely buy another.

That is a cool hat get the Khaki colour or the ones with a Velcro back, it’s sits a lot better on your own Noggin and appears so much better then your sliding clip / non Velcro versions. Hopefully the supplier or manufacturer transformation all the colours to the Velcro backing and style of the Khaki then you can certainly get a great hat in the color you wish, whatever that maybe.

I occasionally wear baseball caps to keep the sun from my face. This is a good cap. All cotton, that i prefer, and it’s plain, without logos or designs. What I wanted just. I have kind of a large head, but it still suits and is adjustable. Love the light yellow color. I might purchase a different color at this low price.

Unquestionably in love, i acquired the light pink and its perfect, love the adjustable strap in the back fitting properly also. I noticed its the exact same hat as my Pacsun alien hat that i payed about 30 dollars for, and just got that one for just a little over 5, in case you are curious if it’ll look good you just head to Pacsun and try on the hats make sure its the hats with the closures in the back and if you like it than order it on here. Im likely to be buying so many more colours i am in love!! 10/10 recommend

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Best caps, We didn’t have to start by picking just one

I read many testimonials on Amazon regarding it not fitting people who have large heads. Having a huge noggin, I was a little concerned when i ordered it naturally, but for the price (under $10), I figured most severe case scenario I could give it to my kid if it didn’t fit.The hat fits great. I’m not sure if the testimonials claiming it being as well small were written by individuals resembling THE FANTASTIC Gazoo or what, but I’ve tons of room to adjust the hat to accommodate a far more spherically endowed cranium.In a nutshell, get the hat… You won’t be disappointed irrespective of your head size, unless you are like Sputnik freakishly.

This hat was the exact style I was looking for. It fits much better than the various other one-size-fits-all similar ones out there. Looks great on me or my partner. If that one ever wears out I would definitely get another. Thick cotton and vent holes plus and adaptable back buckle. This hat is really worth it.

The Cotton Twill is comfortable best from the box, having that ‘worn in/broken in’ feel to it. It slides on and off smoothly with no catches, and the bill sits with the right contour with little to no adjustment perfectly. The colour was true to form (at least with the green), with a simply beautiful faded olive ‘jungle’ green.It sits nicely on my head, off the ear high enough that it generally does not interfere at all with my glasses (a huge hat aspect for me) but still retains a great around the skull fit.

The hat comes with an adjusting strap so it fits any big or small sized head. Super comfortable to the stage where I didn’t wish to remove it all day. I use it mainly when I travel in my own car because my locks is short so that it whips around a whole lot in my face and eye when my home windows are down, so the hat contains everything inside. I also love how plain it is so it’s easy to decorate easily ever want to place a patch or some buttons onto it.

That is a hat. It looks good. The material is of adequate quality, especially great deal of thought cost $7. It’s a stylish hat. The black color is perfect; it’s not too dark but it isn’t faded either. I was searching for a hat in the mall, and all of the great hats hat a huge logo on them and had been worthy of $20-$30. This hat is way better, and price a fraction of this. My head is just a little above typical size also, and this hat fit when I loosed the strap perfectly, and there is even more strap left over for bigger heads.

I wanted an ordinary really, simple hat without design or logo on it. While searching for hats, I stumbled upon the product and it comes in a ton of different colours for an excellent price! I really like this maroon color to increase my fall wardrobe specifically. The color is merely what I expected. The hat is adaptable. It fits me properly and comfortably. This is a great, quality hat. It doesn’t feel inexpensive or flimsy at all. I shall be repurchasing next time i am in need of a hat!

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Ready for the sunny weather conditions,perfect caps

Okay, “fit as expected” I have a big head and as it works out it “just” fits. I ran the straps out completely and tugged them on. Wind isn’t obtaining this caps off my mind. But they do match, which say’s a whole lot for all us large head guys. Plus they look great, feel great, plus they appear to be they’ll last.

I read many evaluations on Amazon over it not fitting people with large heads. Having a huge noggin, I was normally a little concerned when I ordered it, but for the purchase price (under $10), I figured worst case scenario I could give it to my kid if it didn’t fit.The hat fits great. I’m uncertain if the evaluations claiming it being too small were compiled by individuals resembling The Great Gazoo or what, but I have tons of room to adjust the hat to accommodate a more spherically endowed cranium.In short, get the hat… You won’t be disappointed no matter your head size, unless you are freakishly like Sputnik.

I think my hat size is about 7 1/4. The adjustable strap upon this relative head gives me play on either end. So I’d state I’m in the centre. Fine stiff brim. Long more than enough for a few good shading. I acquired black because colors can be weird. One persons red is another people burgundy. That is black, plain and simple. A minimal profile, which is good if it’s windy. Appears like a brass buckle in the back for adjusting. Stitched well. A very good price. I should get some years from it.

I was looking for a very fundamental, yet comfortable hat. This met the bill and I have a much a complete lot of wears out of it. It is mildly adjustable and seems to fit those with smaller heads but, as others have pointed out, probably is not a good choice for all those with larger noggins. The stitching appears good and I expect it to continue to be a reliable and sturdy hat. It is simply because described and depicted; I recommend it.

Love the color about this hat the most. The dark dark blue color is definitely neutral and i can just grab an proceed without stressing that I’ll look like an idiot. Feels good but it does get a little deformed really. Certain parts of the hat will cave in due to space. Try not to pull the hat down too much since most hats are round like your mind but this one has edges. It isn’t the product’s fault, just a common annoyance with these types of hats (basically, just be careful).

So generally, to wear an adjustable ball cap like this one, I must adjust the strap out to the very end for it to fit. This Dalix cap includes a generous amount of extra strap actually. I’m considering that I possibly could have put on this cap even back the times when I still got hair. Fits great. I’m going to be buying more. And the purchase price is outstanding as well.So especially if you are a big-headed dude like me personally – take center. If the manufacturing is normally constant, this hat will match.

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The caps as expected &easy to adjust

The adjustment on the back works well enough, however it is slightly snug so a little is taken by it more elbow grease to adjust. Also the excess tail of the adjustment strap can be tucked in to the hat so it does not have to be going out, especially for people that have a smaller sized hat size it will not be as obnoxious.

Keeps the sun off plus they don’t make your mind as hot while a baseball cap, when there is rainfall or wet snow though you’ll notice pretty quick. The clasps are well fastened plus they haven’t scrached or tarnished over the last couple of months. But, yeah, for whatever you folks with big heads looking for a hat but these, in bulk.

Superb hat for the price. My fit wouldn’t let me tuck the surplus strap into the side grommet therefore i doubled it back over the buckle. It works out nicely. The construction is good and the hat feels long lasting enough to be a day to day go to from focusing on vehicles to hikes. No need to be valuable with it. The just defect I’ve observed was an errant thread on the brim. The army styling gives it a more formal and mature; yet still blue collar feel a traditional baseball cap can’t match.

I’ve purchase a few hats out of this seller and I’ve been satisfied with all of them. I never receive the wrong color and the shipment came with time just. The color is precisely as the picture and it fits perfectly. Happy with my purchase really. If you found this review at all useful, I’d be grateful in the event that you clicked the key that says so. Many thanks, and revel in whichever hat you end up choosing!

A few was bought by me personally of these to wear to work. Great hat, particularly for the price. Light weight. Well constructed. Top quality stitching; the stitching is usually even covered. Built for long hauls and weighty loads. The only concern I have with them is, becoming light-weight, they aren’t very absorbent, and I work in a fairly hot, very high humility environment (you know, Nebraska, and all that).

Love this hat! I have a bigger sized head relatively. The normal running caps suit a bit snug. Being utilized to putting on baseball caps my entire life, a standard jogging cap feels and looks funny. This hat has the depth to cover the head and the material to wick the sweat and keep you cool.I lost my last hat in a move. I am re-purchasing the same hat.

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The last hats you’ll ever have to buy

The cap is adjustable for a perfect fit and has a nice shape. After buying one, I bought two more in various colors. After that, after having bought three, I pressed my good fortune and ordered a fourth that was reportedly to become supplied by the same vendor. The 4th hat was given by a different vendor and, while adjustable, it was too rigid to adapt to a comfortable fit. I’ll keep the fourth hat just because it is such a hassle to return goods.

The Cotton Twill is comfortable right out of the box, having that ‘worn in/broken in’ feel to it. It slides on / off without catches smoothly, and the bill sits properly with the right contour with little to no adjustment. The colour was true to create (at least with the green), with a just beautiful faded olive ‘jungle’ green.It sits nicely about my head, off the ear high enough that it doesn’t interfere at all with my glasses (an enormous hat element for me) but nonetheless retains an excellent around the skull in shape.

I have been changing my golf hats over to the new breathable fabrics. I love this hat since it looks similar to a baseball hat than the majority of the hats which are styled for runners. Is light and fills and airy my need for a green hat. As a secondary use for working in the lawn I need not worry about stains from tree trimming and hedge pruning. It is effective in hot sun and for me allows a sweatband to also end up being worn.

Wow great cap! I purchased to wear running but they are so great that I just wear them casually! They shipped extremely fast and arrived in a box large plenty of for them to fit without having to be folded. Packaging was amazing best product packaging I’ve gotten for hats. Would buy again! If I had a complaint it might only be that I well may finish up buying all the colors. I have a lot of hats. Still, I am happy with this purchase.

Either way these hats adjust and look /feel great easily….affordable price too. For those who sweat like me become proactive and wash the hat softly in a solution of warm water with amonia (mild solution), and work the top band. This gets rid of the oils that can stain and additional sweat compounds that in some men will litteraly like bleach remove fabric coloring…..try not to let sweat dry out on fabric , wash areas or whole hat by hand and air dry. This pertains to all cotton or synthetic headware fabric…hardly ever quality wool.

Buy 4 hats for my girlfriend as she’s long hair and wanted some with an starting in the trunk. She loves them! They are like her other hat she’s and wanted different colors just. I purchase White, Pink, Black, and Light Gray. All of them through Deal Stock, though one hat says NYfashion101, Inc. on my purchase for some reason.

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Great affordability Caps definitely worth a go for women and kid too

Wanted a comfy cap without print on the front. I have a sizable head to accommodate the massive amount grey matter!Difficult to acquire something large enough constantly, and comfortable. This hat is both! Esp the standard of the cloth and fitting.Overall an excellent cap for the purchase price.The price! Great hat at a great price.

The posted picture made me hesitant to buy the Earth colored hat since it looked really poor in the customer photo. I’m happy I went ahead and purchased it anyhow!The hat is comfortable, adjusts wide, and the Earth color is fantastic. Purchase it, with a low price and Free of charge SHIPPING you truly can’t go wrong with this awesome hat!

in love with this hat absolutely. came and the product quality is great quick. So great I finished up buying two more in different colors. perfect fit and it is adjustable in the back if it is wanted by you loose or tighter. I mainly wear hats for when i’m at the fitness center which hat does the job. Side note. I got the digital camo color. Matches all my hunting clothing.

I’ve generally worn a cap, and like anyone would you when you have that cap you really like, when it’s finally worn out you hate the process of trying to replace it. My last cap was well past retirement, because I dreaded the chance of finding another to suit me.

With my order, the canvas colored one does not fit exactly like the gray (darker or what they called black) one does. I really do like the one which fits (5superstars) and the purchase price is great, I am disappointed since the inside lining isn’t as deep as the various other one and it does not let your mind fill up the cap correctly. It sits too much. The material lining inside is a smooth and white fairly, separate from the very best of the hat.

Okay, “fit as expected” I have a sizable head and since it turns out it “just” fits. We ran the straps out all of the real way and tugged them on. Wind isn’t getting this caps off my mind. But they do match, which say’s a lot for all us large head guys. And they look great, feel great, plus they appear to be they’ll last.

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Great Hat well worth a try for men

Fits as expected. I even have a huge noggin and can have trouble finding hats that fit sometimes. I unquestionably blow that previous saying, one size suits all AWAY! Yet these hats still fit. And the price is correct! With tons of colors, too. I purchased TWO! Well put overall together, however the material feels on the thinner side so depending on your use slightly, it might show wear and tear faster.

Perfect! Great shades, fit adults perfect. Purchased for an functioning office Halloween Murder Mystery get together where employees were upon color coded teams…. and they all wished to maintain their hats…. recommend highly! (purchased 4 different colours – all 12 hats were in perfect condition, no threads, no broken stitches, etc)

I acquired this hat to degrade when I take my daughter to parks and stuff. It suits great and keeps my encounter shaded from sunlight nicely. I hate placing sunscreen on my encounter as its usually greasy and makes me break out. This is a nice alternative. It sits high enough on my mind that I can still wear sunglasses easily as well. Very happy with my purchase. Will be buying even more in different colors.

Quality is much better than expected and portrayed in picture.The black is very black that I am afraid to clean it.The adjuster is very gives and durable a good grip to the running belt.It does not push down on ears. The flexible band allows you to loose or tight it as per requirement . Yes there is absolutely no something or logo so if you are logo freak/ brand freak look somewhere else.

As such, I’m reviewing this with thanks diligance after having got it this past year and having proper time for an intensive review. I let my hair grow out a bit and it got restricted on my head, however when I paid enough attention to that, I found out how easy it was to regulate. When I’ve noticed it had been dirty(as black things will often get), I’ve given it a quick rub with a wet paper towel. Because of this price, or even much higher, this hat is hard to beat. EASILY should lose it, I would buy another again. It seems durable more than enough that I dont believe I’d otherwise need to for a long time.

That is my husbands favorite hat – and I can tell because he wears it each day. Sits on the top perfectly – not too high and the expenses isn’t goofy lengthy or short. Includes a great sweatband along the front to catch sweat. He wears it everyday and also to play tennis in the heat also. This hat is quite breathable and perfect for make use of in the super hot and humid circumstances of the gulf south. Also machine washable! Didn’t seem to shrink after washing multiple times. Looks nearly as good today as your day we bought it. Strap can be velco and has not deteriorated. A+ – will reorder.

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Do not miss Good Product Hats

For a long time I’ve looked for these kinds of caps and they are the initial that fit great. These were received wrinkled, but I just produced them with a towel in them and sprayed them with drinking water from a spray bottle and let them dry. Fits and looks great if I might say thus myself. Love them.

I love this hat! Shipping and delivery was fast, and it was packaged well. Right from the box the appearance was loved by me of it. I got it in Pacific, which is very accurate to the colour pictured. The materials is rich, soft, and well made clearly. The brow band is normally comfy and soft, and the relative back is adaptable for size. The color rocks ! and the design is perfect. I’m totally pleased with this purchase and will likely buy more.

Yep, this baby is the best. I’ve had it for a little over three years- it noticed me through senior high school and it’s really still in great shape now that I’m in college. Castro hats look great on about everyone simply, but ECOnscious specifically can be an awesome brand. The rest of the castro hats I’ve bought have got a velcro adjustable strap. That’s right, velcro (the stuff that gets caught in your hair and looks ridiculously inexpensive). But this hat is great: soft, edgy, and easily adjustable with a cotton strap.

I’m developing out my hair and am at that weird stage, which for my curly hair is probably likely to last a year. I really do not like baseball caps and am not ready to walk around with a fedora. I’ve not discovered how to contact the seller yet. I may try to return the one which does not fit. Hopefully, this is a rare issue just. I will update after contact with the seller.

This one I could pull down to right above the top of my ears and it’s a flawless snug fit. I’m pleased with what size this hat is usually, and with the adjustment strap it’ll fit people who have a bigger or smaller sized head than mine.We was expecting this hat to end up being small and maybe mostly hopefully match the strap not being quite big enough (like the last one of this design that I got) and what I acquired was something that was larger than We was anticipating and a perfect fit right out of the box.Now, we’ll need to see how

Simple, durable, and reasonably priced. I’ve bought a number of these because of their comfortable fit and the fact that leading panels are unstructured; that’s, there’s no plastic material or cardboard backing to make the hat sit up such as a stove pipe. If you would like to be a strolling billboard, that’s one thing, but also for me the covered front makes these hats a go-to for me naturally. I usually lose them before putting on them out… also, they launder nicely but will shrink if you place them in the dryer. Drying naturally (on your own head, best case if it’s scorching outside) leaves them showing up completely new after washing.

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